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Introducing - A Foundational Bootcamp on Screenwriting

Following our commitment towards skill-development in the field of professional writing, Writers INK is introducing ‘Screenwriting Basics - Bootcamp’, a series of six sessions, where you will learn the fundamentals of screenwriting.

This Bootcamp Is For You If:

  • You’re a beginner at screenwriting i.e., you’ve never written a feature film
  • You want to learn the art of screenwriting but have very limited time
  • You’re not a screenwriter yet, but want to learn basic fundamentals of screenwriting before you make a career-switch

Bootcamp Syllabus

  1. Storytelling Structures - Learn the classic Three-act structure & other dramatic narratives
  2. Character building - Develop multi-dimensional characters and character arcs
  3. Theme building - Understand and build the central premise of your story
  4. World building - Create evocative settings that engage the audience
  5. Conflict & Resolution - Develop plots and pay-offs to deepen your storyplay
  6. Dialogue Writing - Learn an approach to writing effective dialogues

Bootcamp Dates

  • BOOTCAMP 1 - July 29 - Aug 3
  • BOOTCAMP 2 - Aug 19 - Aug 24
  • BOOTCAMP 3 - Sep 9 - Sep 14

All sessions will be conducted online.

Deadline to register - July 25, 2024

Bootcamp Fee

Rs. 12,500

For queries write to - writersink@inktalks.com


Aviv Rubinstien

With an MFA in screenwriting from Boston University, Aviv has worked as a screenwriter and script consultant for over a dozen feature films and TV pilots with award winning actors like Oscar winner Louis Gossett Jnr.

He has taught screenwriting since 2007 at Emerson, Hussain College and the Studio School in Los Angeles with a focus on the feature screenplay. As a guest lecturer, he has spoken at Boston University and the University of Rhode Island on screenplay structure and directing.

Mian Adnan Ahmad

An award-winning filmmaker, Berlinale Talents Alum and A Fulbright Scholar whose works have received much acclaim globally, Adnan has taught filmmaking at Loyola Marymount and Chapman; two of the top-10 ranked film schools in the US.

His films 'Heal' and 'The Journey Within (the Coke Studio origin story)', have been universally appreciated and have won the prestigious 'Frank Capra Award', 'Jesse Epstein Humanitarian Award' and ‘Best Science Fiction/Fantasy Film’ at Comic-Con.